From Hell I Came 

a screenplay by postmortem submitted on 01/29/2008 (action, crime, drama)

An escaped convict teams up with a deranged mountain man to survive a backwoods manhunt.

spotlighted on 04/01/2008


Micro to low budget, character-driven script showcasing strong male and female leads. FHIC is a vicious tale of justice and revenge that would do Charles Bronson proud.


The movie opens with a heart-pounding chase through the Ozark wilderness as a posse hunts pretty young fugitive Sherra James.

But they’re not alone.

The posse is savagely slaughtered by mountain man Keller McGavin, the infamous serial killer who disappeared into the backwoods decades ago.

When his wife and son were killed, McGavin went on a decade-long killing spree, and only a resemblance to McGavin’s dead wife saves Sherra from the same fate.

Desperate, Sherra follows the psychopath in hopes he’ll guide her through the backwoods to freedom.

When rookie cop Shea Knight informs Captain Joe Varnell of the missing posse, he leads his own squad into the forest, but for reasons unknown wants McGavin’s resurface kept secret.

McGavin knows the woods, but Sherra needs medical treatment, so they head for McGavin’s only friend, hermit moonshiner, Bailey.

Varnell, Knight and two colorful deputies fly into the heart of the forest, and after literally stumbling across the murdered posse, conflict erupts about how to proceed.

The fugitives reach Bailey after some close calls, and while stitching Sherra, Bailey issues a prophetic warning about getting too close to McGavin.

Bailey returns a treasured locket to McGavin, but the talisman triggers intense psychosis, and visions of his son’s ghost lead McGavin to murder Bailey.

The squad raids Bailey’s cabin, and Sherra hides inside the walls, right under Varnell’s nose.

Reunited with Sherra, McGavin turns the tables on the squad. The hunters become the hunted. McGavin picks them off one by one with dramatic flair until only Varnell and Knight remain.

Outgunned, Varnell deputizes a hillbilly poacher, who manages to get the drop on McGavin and Sherra. Wrongly believing that McGavin is the fugitive, he releases Sherra, and having bonded with the madman, she does run, but reluctantly.

Sherra and Knight collide in the woods, facing off in a catfight, and Knight is killed while McGavin disembowels his captor.

McGavin confronts Varnell, and we learn that not only are the two brothers, but that Varnell covered up the murders of McGavin’s family after sending thugs to coerce him into selling his land to coal developers. The plan went south, Ethel and Lucas ending up dead.

In a poetic reversal, Sherra blows Varnell away, but not before McGavin is mortally wounded. Dying, McGavin wades into the river. Surrounded by police, he’s reunited with his wife and son in a tranquil vision, then disappears into the water.

Sherra is taken away in cuffs, full circle, but has given McGavin his peace... his freedom.

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